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With our edge computer you can record high-frequency (up to 15 kHz) machine and robot data, which contain valuable information about your process. The edge makes it possible to preprocess your data close to the data source before it is then stored on workstations or clouds in order to be available for intelligent process analysis.


Digital signature

The digital signature enables online process status monitoring. The aim of this is to identify tolerance violations within series production and to enable automated process certification. A master signature of signals of a good process is generated (fingerprint), which is compared with the downstream process signatures. Process deviations, such as material batch fluctuations, instabilities such as vibrations, tool wear or machine drifts, can thus be identified during production.


Virtual Quality Control

With Virtual Quality Control, manufacturing tolerances are measured using process data and machine learning (ML) during the production process and displayed directly to the machine operator on a machine dashboard. Downstream measurement processes can be significantly reduced through Virtual Quality Control and one hundred percent quality monitoring of a series process can be achieved.


Digital Twin

The digital twin is a geometric reconstruction of a workpiece on the basis of high-frequency machine axis data and machine models for virtual quality assurance from batch size 1. Testing effort on conventional measuring machines can be reduced or completely replaced by using the digital twin. Applications such as Zeiss CALYPSO can be used for virtual quality assurance, which means that your QM standards can still be adhered to.

Big Data in Manufacturing GmbH is visionary and holds important patents in relevant countries.

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