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Digital signature

During CNC machining, hundreds of data are recorded at a very high frequency (1-15 kHz). The result

are time series of the process signals, ie the individual fingerprints of the machining process. At the end of the process development, NC programs and machine settings are created that lead to good processes. This time series, which led to a released process, is "frozen" and set as the master signature, with which the time series of the series signatures are then intelligently compared. As an example, the video shows the course of the tool center point and its path deviations and the target / actual course in the workpiece coordinate system with the NC paths mapped onto the 3D CAD model of the workpiece.


  • Signal monitoring through generation of master signatures

  • Reduction of process development time/costs

  • Increase of process stability

  • Changes (drift) in the running production process are detected immediately

  • Serial faults do not occur in the first place, as we calculate drift predictions

  • Troubleshooting is automated and shortens downtime

  • The digital signature is also the automated form of process certification

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