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Our mission

With our products we enable the digitization of CNC machines and CNC robots and enable our customers to optimize production and measurement processes through intelligent analytics.

OEE, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (German: Overall Equipment Effectiveness GAE), is one of the most important key figures in lean management. In manufacturing companies, the focus is on the OEE key figure as a generally recognized benchmark and reference for the productivity of an industrial plant.

Our story

Big Data in Manufacturing GmbH has set itself the goal of dissolving the data silos of the production machines for every company and, through the use of intelligent analytics products, the  To raise optimization potential to a maximum.

In 2014, our CEO Dr. Volker Kreidler registered the first patents, which describe the interaction and especially the use of all process-relevant data in order to optimize the value chain from the ground up. Even quality assurance, which is difficult to optimize, with its high requirements, can be optimized by generating a digital component signature - "Digital Signature" or by generating a virtual component - "Digital Twin" using the real data of the machine during the manufacturing process.

This creates completely new approaches to counteract the dwindling of skilled workers and at the same time to be able to forego the acquisition of new measuring machines. In addition, the new approach enables 100% quality control, which is a key requirement for securing the location in Germany and the “Made in Germany” quality seal.

Big Data in Manufacturing GmbH has developed continuously and comprises a mean of 18 employees. Our software and machine learning development teams consist of highly qualified experts who use agile development methods for our products.

Managing directors

Dr. Volker Kreidler
CEO and Founder
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Leadership team

Dr.  Bjorn Sander
R&D manager
  • Weißes Xing
Henrique Siqueira
AI Manager
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Friedrich Martin Lobenstein 03.JPG
Martin Friedrich
Sales manager
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Joachim Blessing
Customer Projects
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Dr. Semir Maslo
Product management
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Corporate values

  • Our strategic behavior is oriented toward the greatest possible economic benefit for our customers

  • ​We develop successful products in close dialogue with our customers

  • Our employees are our most valuable entrepreneurial potential

  • We focus passionately on disruptive innovations in production

  • We communicate and cooperate clearly, directly and without hierarchies

  • We foster a pro-active culture of mistakes. We learn through mistakes

  • We take responsibility for the trust of our investors

  • We work in close networking with each other and with external cooperation partners

  • We work with curiosity, a spirit of discovery and courage

  • Our internal and external behavior is characterized by respect, reliability, quality and credibility

  • Our goal is to be the world market leader in Big Data analytics in industrial production

  • We cooperate with the world's best corporate and academic partners

  • Our competitors are not enemies, but potential cooperation partners

  • Our public appearance is self-confident, highly competent, communicative, sustainable, authentic and modest

  • We are not discouraged by setbacks and pursue our goals sustainably

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